A Dream Come True – Hungry Man

I had a dream that someday I will have a restaurant of my own with everything I ever wanted in a restaurant. So I had tried several times to start one at least a small one but as you know you need a lot of money to start a restaurant and if you are a middle-class family boy it’s  a dream you shouldn’t have . There are so many things included for starting a restaurant First comes the place where you want to start it then you have to check if the place is good and there are enough customers for your place and you will get ROI . You have to manage the decoration which should be colorful, unique, classy as the young generation of Bangladesh fancy these things, then again you have find chefs, waiters and so many more things. Even after all this things you need to promote your place.


So this was a dream I was chasing but didn’t know someday all my dreams will come true. So the dream of being a proud owner of a Restaurant has finally come true. I along with my friends we started a small one room restaurant. Which was my office previously as I don’t have enough time after my study and everything to maintain the office time so it was closed for some time. One day we were talking what can be done with it and my friend came up with the idea I had and we started working on that. After the planning about what foods we will serve we came to a conclusion that we will serve Burger, Shawrma, Chicken Fry & some other fast foods. So we bought everything, colored the wall & gave it a nice decoration with posters, redecorated the ceiling and everything. We were looking for a nice name so there were the names Belly Times, Hungry Man, Burger Bistro & some more and We choose the Hungry Man is the once suits better.  So now we are set for opening and we hope we will be opening on 2nd May 2015 INSHALLAH.


So one thing you must always remember

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

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