Flippa – Is it a Good Place to Buy & Sell Your website ?

When someone asks you where can I sell my website? Without even thinking twice we say Flippa! Because it’s the leading platform to sell a website or even buy a website. It connects you with the people who are looking to buy your website. There are other sites Like Freemarket, Godaddy Auction & Sedo, which are good for domains only. None of those come closer to what Flippa offers for Selling a complete website. It’s been leading the industry for a long time now. Even when the listing price of Flippa is very high ($19 for established & $9 for started websites) and they charge 10% success fee all listings that are successfully sold. But is it a Good Place to Buy a website or to Sell one! read more

From Blogger to Web Designer – A journey of Complete Noob

Blogging is easy! You just buy a domain, hosting and start writing. If you can’t afford to buy a domain name you can use WordPress or BlogSpot or Tumblr and many more. I am a professional blogger. I am blogging for almost 6 years now & I have written a lot of articles in various topics. Bloggers need to work with different tools. The main priority of a blogger is writing but he also needs to know how to setup a Blog, Buying a nice domain name, Host it on a good server than install a CMS he wants to use, If you are using WordPress as CMS then install a theme and customize it accordingly, Design a logo for the Blog etc. So it seems that a blogger becomes a WordPress customization expert when working with his/her blog and also a logo designer and he is an Article writer as well. So many things he must know to start a Blog! But what I wanted to talk about is how from a Blogger I became a web designer and what difficulty I faced and how to cope up with those. read more

Kuakata – A full view of the sunrise and sunset

As always I got some inspiration from the movie I watched today Lord Livingston a Malayalam Movie which is about Nature and travelling, the hidden beauty of nature! So this Kuakata trip was in October 2013 just few days after the Eid ul Adha . I wasn’t sure I will go . So October 17th I woke up in the morning and i have to come to Chittagong from Feni with my family. So We got on a CNG at 10.00 AM and got home at 1 PM. I did my lunch and started browsing for information on how to go to Kuakata from Chittagong. Adnan Bhai will go from Dhaka via Launch to Barisal & Rikon vai will come to Dhaka first from Shylet and then join Adnan Bhai. I on the other hand will meet them in Barisal anyway i can. Till now i don’t how to go so on doing some research i found that there’s two way one is going to Dhaka and then via launch to Barishal or I have to go to Noakhali and then via Lunch from there but there is no time left cause the launch starts at 1 PM everyday. So i got out and gone to the Bus station to check if any of the bus goes directly to Barisal. So i went to the bus station and as it was just after the Eid there’s wasn’t many bus available.  I found the the Eagle Paribahan is the only bus which goes directly to Barisal and the bus will leave at 5.30 and it’s already 4.45. So i bought the ticket with 1250 tk and ran for a rickshaw and went home. I packed my bags as fast as i could and again got on a rickshaw. But i got stuck in the Traffic jam and i paid the fare and started running. When i reached it’s already 5.35 and i couldn’t belive my luck when i saw that the bus already started but it’s also stuck on the Jam. So i got on the bus and yeah like that i was off to Kuakata! We reached Dhaka at 11.30 PM at night and then to the Feri at 2 PM. I didn’t ate anything because there was no shops open and there was a strike so the Feri we were supposed to get on won’t start. I was a little scared as the cell battery died and i couldn’t contact anyone. Also there was one more family with me in the bus and rest was empty. I was thinking what if there are not passengers what if they kidnap me and all and thinking all about these i don’t know when i fell asleep. read more

Travelling – Adventure – On the Way to NijhumDip

Travelling is a part of my life. We are in this world for a while eventually we will die. But the world is a magical place where so much is hidden. Our eyes seek to see those places. The beauty of nature, living the lives of other people, their culture, they struggle it makes us see the difference between them and us. It turns us into a Storyteller. We make new friends. Travelling is not how many miles you travel it’s how much your learn from those and how many friends you make. You get to know you are just a little part  of this world! read more

A Dream Come True – Hungry Man

I had a dream that someday I will have a restaurant of my own with everything I ever wanted in a restaurant. So I had tried several times to start one at least a small one but as you know you need a lot of money to start a restaurant and if you are a middle-class family boy it’s  a dream you shouldn’t have . There are so many things included for starting a restaurant First comes the place where you want to start it then you have to check if the place is good and there are enough customers for your place and you will get ROI . You have to manage the decoration which should be colorful, unique, classy as the young generation of Bangladesh fancy these things, then again you have find chefs, waiters and so many more things. Even after all this things you need to promote your place. read more