From Blogger to Web Designer – A journey of Complete Noob

Blogging is easy! You just buy a domain, hosting and start writing. If you can’t afford to buy a domain name you can use WordPress or BlogSpot or Tumblr and many more. I am a professional blogger. I am blogging for almost 6 years now & I have written a lot of articles in various topics. Bloggers need to work with different tools. The main priority of a blogger is writing but he also needs to know how to setup a Blog, Buying a nice domain name, Host it on a good server than install a CMS he wants to use, If you are using WordPress as CMS then install a theme and customize it accordingly, Design a logo for the Blog etc. So it seems that a blogger becomes a WordPress customization expert when working with his/her blog and also a logo designer and he is an Article writer as well. So many things he must know to start a Blog! But what I wanted to talk about is how from a Blogger I became a web designer and what difficulty I faced and how to cope up with those. read more