Kuakata – A full view of the sunrise and sunset

As always I got some inspiration from the movie I watched today Lord Livingston a Malayalam Movie which is about Nature and travelling, the hidden beauty of nature! So this Kuakata trip was in October 2013 just few days after the Eid ul Adha . I wasn’t sure I will go . So October 17th I woke up in the morning and i have to come to Chittagong from Feni with my family. So We got on a CNG at 10.00 AM and got home at 1 PM. I did my lunch and started browsing for information on how to go to Kuakata from Chittagong. Adnan Bhai will go from Dhaka via Launch to Barisal & Rikon vai will come to Dhaka first from Shylet and then join Adnan Bhai. I on the other hand will meet them in Barisal anyway i can. Till now i don’t how to go so on doing some research i found that there’s two way one is going to Dhaka and then via launch to Barishal or I have to go to Noakhali and then via Lunch from there but there is no time left cause the launch starts at 1 PM everyday. So i got out and gone to the Bus station to check if any of the bus goes directly to Barisal. So i went to the bus station and as it was just after the Eid there’s wasn’t many bus available.  I found the the Eagle Paribahan is the only bus which goes directly to Barisal and the bus will leave at 5.30 and it’s already 4.45. So i bought the ticket with 1250 tk and ran for a rickshaw and went home. I packed my bags as fast as i could and again got on a rickshaw. But i got stuck in the Traffic jam and i paid the fare and started running. When i reached it’s already 5.35 and i couldn’t belive my luck when i saw that the bus already started but it’s also stuck on the Jam. So i got on the bus and yeah like that i was off to Kuakata! We reached Dhaka at 11.30 PM at night and then to the Feri at 2 PM. I didn’t ate anything because there was no shops open and there was a strike so the Feri we were supposed to get on won’t start. I was a little scared as the cell battery died and i couldn’t contact anyone. Also there was one more family with me in the bus and rest was empty. I was thinking what if there are not passengers what if they kidnap me and all and thinking all about these i don’t know when i fell asleep.

October 18th 2003:

So when i got up at 7 AM in the morning i saw that we are on the Feri and it just started. I did my breakfast then and we reached Barisal at 11 AM . Then i borrowed the mobile of the bus conductor and called Adnan Bhai who was waiting for me. So i met adnan bhaia and rikon bhaia and ate in a hotel. They reached at 8 AM in the morning. Then we couldn’t find any bus which was going to Kuakata cause most of the them were full because of Eid. People were going there to have fun. Then when we did find a bus there was only seat in the Roof. So we got up and it was just splendid. The view from there, the breeze, It was refreshing and along with us there was a group of Bauls who had Dhol and all that. We again had to change the bus and got on a Micro and then again another bus which crossed like 3-4 Feri and then at 4 PM we reached our destination Kuakata. For me it was a continuous tour of 23 hours. I was so tired that i couldn’t even walk. So adnan Bhai booked a hotel close to the beach and we got refreshed & as we didn’t ate anything we were really hungry. So we went to a small hotel to have some tea! Then adnan Bhai told me that there’s a place little far from the market where they fry the Crabs, Shrimp & other fishes you choose instantly. One more thing i forgot to tell you that the mass medium of moving around in Kuakata is Motor Bike. So we hired 2 motor bikes and to go there and have our Dinner. We along with our driver went there which took us around 30-40 minutes and if you go to Kuakata be sure you don’t miss it. The bike ride beside the beach is another awesome experience in itself! The bike will be going fast and the breeze will blow your hair and you will feel a little cold and listen to the roar of the Mighty Sea. Waves will come roaring and go pass under the bike wheels. When we reached there i got to know that it’s actually a Majhi Para or you can say the people who does fishing in the sea lives here. So after reaching there we chose the fishes ( Hilsha/Ilish , Koral ) we want to eat along with some crabs and Shrimp. They started cooking them for us and when it was ready we were really hungry and let me tell you this was one of the best Dinner of my Life! They felt really fresh and the way they cooked it that’s something else. After finishing our dinner we returned to our hotel and had we were so tired that just after laying for sometime in the bed we fall asleep.

October 19th 2003: So today is the 2nd day in Kuakata. Today we will be going to the Majhi Para again to have our lunch there and then we will be going to FatrarBan. Which will take around 20 – 30 minutes via boat. We ordered them to make our lunch ready and we started for  Fatrarban. After reaching there we saw some small red crabs roaming here and there. Fatrarban is actually a small island forest on the sea. Then we went inside the forest and  we will come through the other side of the forest where our boat will be waiting for us.  We didn’t realize that this 20 minutes road will be so rough and tough. It was all mud and watered because of the rain yesterday that we barely could walk without half of our legs going inside the mud and we could feel some of the crabs running just under our foot. It was really tough but i loved it anyway. The greenish nature was outstanding. Then we got on our boat again and started exploring the sea side. We saw few trival villages there. On our way back to the beach we found some fisherman doing fishing on their boat.


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