Off to India: Darjeeling Sight Seeing (Part 3)

Hey, guys, I am back with the 3rd of my Darjeeling Tour. Sorry for being late. I was really busy with my work and studies so didn’t get enough time to write. But I will finish on this one cause I don’t know when I will get time again.

Darjeeling Zoo

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If you have problems like sleeping in hostels, lodge, don’t have enough money, can’t get along with people! Then I suggest you watch the documentary A map for Saturday which is about backpacking for 1 year and traveling the world as a solo traveler. You will get to know people when you travel, you will know different ways of living, enjoy unforgettable moments and most importantly when you get back you will miss those moments. When does someone ask you what you have done, what you saw there? It’s like you can’t describe it cause he doesn’t even have time for listening but the only thing you will be happy about is those memories which will be always with you & inspire you in your work, life, see the world and people around differently.

Darjeeling Zoo

10th October(Day 4): So today we slept till 8 AM in the morning & it was really refreshing after so much hangover from the journey and all. Today we will be going on the actual sight seeing. We booked a car for sightseeing for 1000 rupees. He will take us to 6 places. The first one we went to was the Darjeeling Zoo. Which is nicely decorated. There were few animals there i.e Tiger, Bear, Lion, Wolf.Fox, Deer & some rare animals like Snow Leopards, TiWolf.The outlook of the zoo was very nice.

Darjeeling Zoo

Inside the zoo, there is a place called Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) . It was established in honor of Tenzing Norgay after he and Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the Everest in 1953. It has a well-stocked museum with mountaineering displays and many expedition artifacts, a boarding school for mountaineering students, houses for the trainers, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and more.Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is now a complex of various activities and units. It is said to be a destination by itself and a pilgrimage for all the climbing enthusiasts. It comprises of a residential school for mountaineering students, Swiss-style houses for the sherpa trainers.

Then we saw the Tenzing Rock just beside the road. Tenzing Rock, a gigantic natural rock in Darjeeling is named after Tenzing Norgay. Some tourists were climbing it. It’s mainly used for training. The right face of the rock can be used by amateur climbers or even tourists for climbing

Darjeeling Tea Plantations

Then we went to Tea Plantations . There are more than 86 gardens that produce the famous Darjeeling tea. Though there wasn’t much to see but I captured a nice video of the clouds.

Darjeeling Cable Car Ropeway

Then we went to Darjeeling Ropeway. Which is a ride of 20 minutes by cable car. One of the best ways to experience the panoramic views that Darjeeling is so famous for. You will be amazed to see the spectacular view of the valley around. The clouds going through you and you are hanging in the cable car. The feeling is just splendid. You will travel from an altitude of about 7,000 ft. (or 2134m) down to 800 ft. (or 244m) where the last station and after 5-10 minutes break you will be back. You will see the tea garden from the cable car and the mountains and it’s just amazing the view from up there.

Darjeeling Cable Car

Then the driver took us to Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda .  Japanese Temple it’s a  two storied white building was built in a traditional Japanese style in the year 1972.

Darjeeling Japanese Temple

Just beside that is Peace Pagoda that showcases four avatars of Lord Buddha. From the top of the Pagoda, you get a panoramic views of Darjeeling landscape. Though it was closed but i did get some photos of the outlook.

Peace Pagoda Darjeeling

The next and last of our sight seeing today is Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park Darjeeling. Which is downhill. So we had to drive for like 15 minutes or so around 10kms to reach there. When we reached there it started raining and we had to take cover in the small shops beside the garden. Also, it’s almost 1 PM and we are really hungry so I saw there were bread and eggs and so I asked the shop owner lady to make me a sandwich. You wanna know something? Don’t tell anyone ok? It was the best sandwich I have had in years. So I ordered another one and surprisingly the tea we had there were also better than all! So a few minutes later rain stopped and there was a big waterfall and you have to pay like 5 rupees as fee to enter inside the park. They built a lot of ladders over the waterfall! You have no idea what it looks like and when they did there. You can go to top of the waterfall the top by using the ladders! Though the main source of this waterfall is up in the mountain. The park was really beautiful. It was like a drawing some drawn and left it. Flowers, decorations & nature’s beauty. At 1.30 we came back to our hotel. We will leave for Kolkata tomorrow but there are many places left to visit. So we called our car driver guy who was very friendly at the time of whole sightseeing. To be honest when we asked him how much time we have to finish this places he said i won’t tell you that you can take your time! Which is a rare thing in a tourist attraction like that. So we wanted to go to Kalimpong, Mirik . So we decided that we will get up early in the morning tomorrow and pack our bags and on the way we will see Kalimpong. We didn’t saw Mirik lake cause it’s completely opposite to the road we will be going and we need more time so today we did some shopping for us from the Best Buy & near shops.

Rock Garden

11th October(Day 5): It’s 7’0 clock here. We are off to Kalimpong. The driver didn’t came he sent someone else. So the last day at Darjeeling started. We were crossing a Sight seeing place called Batasia Loop Darjeeling we asked him to stop there so we can do a quick seeing of that. He stopped there and as we didn’t had our breakfast he even asked us to finish it there in a hotel cause we won’t find any better where we are going. If you are taking a toy train joy ride from Darjeeling, you will pass by this magnificent loop. Otherwise, take a cab from Darjeeling town and visit the Batasia Loop. It’s located on Hill Cart Road . There is no better place to get a 360 degree view of Darjeeling’s landscape including the hill town and the snow covered peaks of the Eastern Himalayas with the majestic Kanchenjunga on one side. And all this from the middle of a lovely garden with flowers around which the toy train track is laid.

Triveni Darjeeling

Then we were off to Kalimpong and on the way there is a place called Triveni from Peshoke View Point where two rivers meet with each other. There is a story of these two rivers  told by our driver that Teesta and Rangeet, the two major rivers in Sikkim, emanate from Himalayan glaciers. While Teesta resembles a young woman from the highlands — her sparkling water follows a straight path, traversing through lovely valleys and deep forests, the Rangeet meanders. Why do the two rivers take different paths from the Himalayas and why do they look different before they finally meet in the plains of Bengal and flow together for eternity. But after doing some research what i found is different. You can check the embedded post below or go here :

and :


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After that we were driving beside the Tista river. The road is a little bumpy there but don’t worry the rest is good. So like after 30 minutes we reached Kalimpong. I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t enter there. But here are some photos taken by Habib vai.


You can do Paragliding in there for only 2500 rupees for 20 minutes. Don’t worry there will be a guide with you and don’t miss that cause it’s once in a lifetime opportunity.We also saw Buddha statue & park , Deolo, Mangal Dham, Dr Graham’s Homes . 


So from there we headed to New Jalpaiguri. From there it took around 2 hours to reach New Jalpaiguri. Then we had our lunch and all and at 8.45 we got in our train.

New Jalpaiguri Train Station

In the morning we reached Kolkata and I did some shopping. Then habib vai booked a hotel for them they will stay another day and will come back by Plane but as there wasn’t any air ticket for that day and I didn’t want to stay in Kolkata so I got on a Bus at 11.30 AM and left for Bangladesh.  I reached Dhaka at 3.45 AM. Then i stayed in Dhaka that day as i was too tired to come back to Chittagong.


That concludes my journey of India – Darjeeling – Kalimpong . It was a journey i will always remember. It was my first solo travel as i didn’t even knew the people i was going  there with. I made up my mind within just one day that i will be coming to India and i actually did. So if you want to travel some place don’t stop cause no one is going with you or you are scared to go alone. Travel to explore the places. See the beauties of nature. What is the worst that can happen? It will take you more time to reach there, you will get lost few times or maybe you will be sick? but think what you will miss if you don’t go. you don’t know what will happen in life the next moment. So Enjoy the life! This is it for today and I hope I will be back again with another travel story of mine. I am thinking of Going to Bhutan, Nepal & Maldives. I don’t know when i will be able to but be sure if i go there i will write up about them.

Note: There are more photos of this tour in the Facebook Album if you want to see go here : Darjeeling Tour Photo Album


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