Flippa – Is it a Good Place to Buy & Sell Your website ?

When someone asks you where can I sell my website? Without even thinking twice we say Flippa! Because it’s the leading platform to sell a website or even buy a website. It connects you with the people who are looking to buy your website. There are other sites Like Freemarket, Godaddy Auction & Sedo, which are good for domains only. None of those come closer to what Flippa offers for Selling a complete website. It’s been leading the industry for a long time now. Even when the listing price of Flippa is very high ($19 for established & $9 for started websites) and they charge 10% success fee all listings that are successfully sold. But is it a Good Place to Buy a website or to Sell one!

Buy & Sell

Let me break it down to you. How to sell your website in flippa and what things to look for when buying and why Flippa the the BEST. First when you are selling a website in Flippa you have to be transparent. If you are not transparent and you are hiding information from the Buyers it will end up in a lower price than your expectation. Everyone looks for detailed info before buying a website, they do their own due-diligence before buying a website. Also you will receive a lot more bids in your listing if you provide video proof of your website revenue report and traffic details. Because faking a screenshot or making a duplicate screenshot nowadays is too easy thanks to Photoshop. Anyone can do that but how stupid do you think they are?. Most of them know the difference between a fake screenshot and a real one.

Flippa now offers Verified google analytics report adding option in your listing so you can easily verify the traffic and give the buyer more confidence to Bid on your auction. You can also verify the Adsense earning same way. So what I am trying to say here is if you add verified proofs it will make your more interested and there are some buyer who doesn’t care to bid if the traffic is not verified. Then comes the listing description of your website. Don’t sing the praises of your website to attract more bidders. Don’t claim more revenue that the site is currently making. But if your site does earn a lot of revenue and you are confused whether you should claim or not yeah you should claim and add the proofs of that. If you are claiming more than it makes and you can’t back it up with your proofs then the listing will get a bad rep.People will start commenting about why you didn’t add enough proof then other interested buyers will engage and you will lose potential buyers.

Another thing you need to make sure is making your Listing title count. Using listing title you can attract 3x views to your listing. Don’t just give the name of your Domain in the Listing title or say 30k pageviews earning $300. Make it interesting e.g : ” PR2 Eastablished Technology Blog – 30K Pageviews/mo -Earning $300/pm With Proof” this will attract more bidders to your auction.



To be continued..