How to apply for a Thailand Visa Online from Bangladesh [Step By Step]

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since i posted anything. I was fucking busy with my life so didn’t have time to write. But i am back now and will be travelling to Thailand if i get the Visa. If you are from first world country you don’t actually need a visa they offer it on arrival for most of the countries but as a third world country, it’s tough to get visa of other countries. If you don’t know how to apply for a visa then there are a lot of travel agency who will make you feel alien. First, they will make you feel afraid saying it’s tough, you won’t get a visa. You don’t have the necessary documents and bullshit. Then they will say we can get you the visa but it will cost you a lot more. So don’t fall for those agencies, there are a lot of good agency who will help you and treat you like a friend and help you every way possible. But i wanted to apply by myself cause i don’t like to go to an agency and be blind to what they are doing and mostly don’t want to give my passport and other documents to them.


Now as you know i am a travel freak can’t live without travelling. This time, i am going to Thailand – the land of everything. There’s a saying that “if you can not find it in Thailand then you will not find it anywhere” . My actual plan was fly to Malaysia first then stay there for 7-9 days and explore everything . Then fly to Thailand and explore the beaches and sights. Then from there go to Cambodia by bus and stay 3 days and explore as many sightseeing as possible. But as i said it’s hard to get a visa if you are from a third world country. So first i went to a travel agency because there is no way to submit your passport for visa to the Malaysian Embassy without listed agencies. They rejected my passport saying you won’t get a visa with this passport as i have never Malaysia or Thailand or any Europe countries. I only went to Darjeeling last year which you already know. Here is my Darjeeling travel blogs if you want to read :


So my plan of travelling to Malaysia is gone. So, i asked about Thailand the agency owner said yeah it’s possible but we can not ensure you will get the visa. i came back and did some research on the internet and found that VFS Global accepts the visa and does the processing for Thailand. They also have an office in my City Chittagong. So, i did more research and found out that i can fill up the form online or offline and submit it along with the necessary documents for processing the visa.

Either you can just print the form and fill it up by hand or you can just input the details online and print it then. Though they say, you can apply for the visa online which is basically offline:3


So here is the detailed process of applying for the Thailand visa by yourself and get relieved from the hassle of Travel Agency.


  1. So go to this link first: Click as the image shows to fill your form online. download (4)
  2. Now it will take you to the main page where you will have to input details about yourselfdownload (5)
  3. Here the first one Application Centre, If you are from Dhaka then choose Dhaka, or If you are from Chittagong then choose Chittagong and If you are from Sylhet choose Sylhet. Basically the vfs global have three offices in Bangladesh. So if you are from these cities you can submit in your own city which will all be processed in the main office of Dhaka. Now if you are from other cities you can submit in Dhaka. Now input the details as you have in your passport. Everything that is needed here to fill out the boxes can be found in the passport.
  4. Type of Travel Document: Put Passport in the box. Passport number, issued place, date of issue and expiry date everything is in your passport just take a closer look. Issued at Place is confusing – that is the issuing authority which can be found in the passport in my one it’s DIP / Dhaka. After putting the details in the box click next. 

download (6)

5. Now to the next page.

download (7)

6. Choose the visa category if want a tourist visa select tourist visa. Or you can also choose Transit visa if you need transit.

And for the No of Entry requested select single entry. The vfs global staff said they aren’t giving double entry at this moment.

7. Occupation this is a little tricky . Put your present work position here like i entered IT – Internet Marketer and Name of your employer where you work. If you are a student then put student in the present position and enter your university, college, school name in the Name of your employer.

8. The Permanent address as it is in your passport and enter the present address if it’s different from the permanent. Make sure you enter a valid present address so if they need they can reach to you.

download (8)

9. Now Click next to move on to the next page.

download (9)

10. Here first comes minor name what means if anyone underage is going with you.  A person under the age of majority or another age restriction. So if anyone is going put in the details if not then just write Not Available .

11. Now enter when you are going to visit Thailand, You don’t have to put exact date just put a date when you might go.

12. Travelling by – Here put the name of the company which you will be using to fly if you are from Bangladesh then put Regent Airways or if you want to travel via other airways put their name. They offer advance booking of flight without paying the money . They give you 3 days time to pay the money (Don’t worry you don’t have to pay just book a ticket you can always change your flight or book again after getting the visa) .  You can also use Thai Airways ( ) and Jet Airways ( ) to book advance ticket without paying.

13. The Flight No or Vessel no will be given to you after booking so enter that .

14. Duration of proposed stay : Enter how many days you will stay there. (e.g, 10 days)

14. Countries for which travel document is valid : Write ALL COUNTRIES EXCEPT ISRAEL

15. Purpose of visit: Write why you want to go tourism , transit , business or other.

16. Proposed Address 1 in Thailand( Specify Hotel Name): Don’t worry just enter a hotel name , there are many hotels around Bankok where you can stay so find one in google and put the details from there.

download (11)


Also, you can book a hotel online using Agoda ( ).

download (12)

Here 10400 is the postal code. Bangkok is the city.  Again you don’t have to pay to book. Find one hotel that offers free cancellation means you don’t have to pay if you change a hotel or any other reason.

download (10)


17. Name of Local Guarantor: Here put in the details of your local guardian or relation who is very close to you. So if something bad happens they can contact him. And this needs to be someone who is not traveling with you. You father, mother or brother will be ok.

18. Name of Thai Guarantor: If you know someone in Thailand than you can put in their details here but before you put his/her details ask her. If you don’t have anyone don’t worry just put Not available write the date and click submit.

You have successfully completed filling your visa application for Thailand.

Now download the pdf from there and print it with the Barcode page.

Now you have submitted the Printer form along with some other documents.

You can download the checklist from here:

It’s given in detail what you need.


18. Go to your Bank and take a total of 7 months bank statement. It’s actually 6 months of bank statement.  Make sure you have a minimum bank balance over 60 thousand takas when getting the bank statement it’s better if you have more . I suggest minimum of 1 lac. If you don’t have your own bank account and you will be using your parents or sponsors account then get their bank statement. If within this 6 or 7 month you don’t have any transaction in a particular month you have fill a disclaimer form which will be provided in the VFS global office just talk to them about it.

The Disclaimer form can found here:

19. Also, ask them for a Bank solvency document with bank balance. Make sure they print it on their pad with the logo on it. Sponsors or Parents Solvency for student or anyone who don’t have a bank account.

20. Get a NOC – No objection certificate from your Office in the official pad. If you are a student get a NOC from your university, and also your id card photocopy and an application signed by the university authority saying that you are a student in that university. 


21. Print a Visa Forwarding letter and sign it.


22. Photocopy the pages from 1 to 6 of your passport in A4 Size.

23. Take the printout confirmation of your Air Ticket Booking which should be sent to you in your email or you have can take a screenshot from the confirmation page. Make sure you book the return ticket as well. It should be same as you put in the main visa application.

download (13)

24. Print the Hotel Booking Confirmation sent to your email. It should be same as you put in the main visa application. (Not necessary but if you have it’s good. )

25. Two passport sized photographs (3.4 by 4.5 cm) sized printed in the lab print glossy paper. Not in the printer or locally. Ask where you take your photos to get it lab print and also borderless an in white background. The photo should be taken within 6 months. 


If for some reason you have to modify or change certain details from the form then you can go to the below link and change.

You have to enter the reference no to change the details which were given to you on the 2nd page. Or you can find it in the pdf that you downloaded. The name of the pdf is your reference no. Also, you have to download the form again with the Barcode again and print it.

To take the printout go to the below link:

That’s all.  take all the documents with you and go to the VFS Global office. Application Submission: 08:30 – 11:00 (Sunday to Thursday)  Pay the fees 3450 taka BDT. They will check everything and start processing the visa application. The staffs of VFS are very gentle and they will help you every way so don’t hesitate to ask them anything.

download (14)


So after submitting the form keep your Mobile number and your local guardians mobile no ON. They will call you from the Royal Thai Embassy office and ask few questions about why are you going there , what is the purpose , where do you live , what do you do , where is your office , where do you study , What is the source of your income and bank balance etc. Don’t afraid just answer the questions. Make sure what you say is correct don’t try to lie or hide something. And let your local guardian know about the details before so he says the same as you when the officer calls.

You can check the status of your visa from here:


If you want to withdraw your application for the visa you can download the below form and submit.


I hope this helps, I uploaded some of my documents so you can get some idea what a NOC and forwarding letter should look like. I tried to be as brief as possible so you don’t get any problem filling out.

Will be back with more travel story from the Thailand till then Allah Hafez. Keep me in your prayers.




Off to India: Darjeeling Sight Seeing (Part 3)

Hey, guys, I am back with the 3rd of my Darjeeling Tour. Sorry for being late. I was really busy with my work and studies so didn’t get enough time to write. But I will finish on this one cause I don’t know when I will get time again.

Darjeeling Zoo

Survived Cancer
Have Diabetes
Needs 13 Tablets a Day
Not Wealthy
Age 73
So what’s your excuse for not travelling the world?

If you have problems like sleeping in hostels, lodge, don’t have enough money, can’t get along with people! Then I suggest you watch the documentary A map for Saturday which is about backpacking for 1 year and traveling the world as a solo traveler. You will get to know people when you travel, you will know different ways of living, enjoy unforgettable moments and most importantly when you get back you will miss those moments. When does someone ask you what you have done, what you saw there? It’s like you can’t describe it cause he doesn’t even have time for listening but the only thing you will be happy about is those memories which will be always with you & inspire you in your work, life, see the world and people around differently.

Darjeeling Zoo

10th October(Day 4): So today we slept till 8 AM in the morning & it was really refreshing after so much hangover from the journey and all. Today we will be going on the actual sight seeing. We booked a car for sightseeing for 1000 rupees. He will take us to 6 places. The first one we went to was the Darjeeling Zoo. Which is nicely decorated. There were few animals there i.e Tiger, Bear, Lion, Wolf.Fox, Deer & some rare animals like Snow Leopards, TiWolf.The outlook of the zoo was very nice.

Darjeeling Zoo

Inside the zoo, there is a place called Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) . It was established in honor of Tenzing Norgay after he and Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the Everest in 1953. It has a well-stocked museum with mountaineering displays and many expedition artifacts, a boarding school for mountaineering students, houses for the trainers, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and more.Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is now a complex of various activities and units. It is said to be a destination by itself and a pilgrimage for all the climbing enthusiasts. It comprises of a residential school for mountaineering students, Swiss-style houses for the sherpa trainers.

Then we saw the Tenzing Rock just beside the road. Tenzing Rock, a gigantic natural rock in Darjeeling is named after Tenzing Norgay. Some tourists were climbing it. It’s mainly used for training. The right face of the rock can be used by amateur climbers or even tourists for climbing

Darjeeling Tea Plantations

Then we went to Tea Plantations . There are more than 86 gardens that produce the famous Darjeeling tea. Though there wasn’t much to see but I captured a nice video of the clouds.

Darjeeling Cable Car Ropeway

Then we went to Darjeeling Ropeway. Which is a ride of 20 minutes by cable car. One of the best ways to experience the panoramic views that Darjeeling is so famous for. You will be amazed to see the spectacular view of the valley around. The clouds going through you and you are hanging in the cable car. The feeling is just splendid. You will travel from an altitude of about 7,000 ft. (or 2134m) down to 800 ft. (or 244m) where the last station and after 5-10 minutes break you will be back. You will see the tea garden from the cable car and the mountains and it’s just amazing the view from up there.

Darjeeling Cable Car

Then the driver took us to Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda .  Japanese Temple it’s a  two storied white building was built in a traditional Japanese style in the year 1972.

Darjeeling Japanese Temple

Just beside that is Peace Pagoda that showcases four avatars of Lord Buddha. From the top of the Pagoda, you get a panoramic views of Darjeeling landscape. Though it was closed but i did get some photos of the outlook.

Peace Pagoda Darjeeling

The next and last of our sight seeing today is Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park Darjeeling. Which is downhill. So we had to drive for like 15 minutes or so around 10kms to reach there. When we reached there it started raining and we had to take cover in the small shops beside the garden. Also, it’s almost 1 PM and we are really hungry so I saw there were bread and eggs and so I asked the shop owner lady to make me a sandwich. You wanna know something? Don’t tell anyone ok? It was the best sandwich I have had in years. So I ordered another one and surprisingly the tea we had there were also better than all! So a few minutes later rain stopped and there was a big waterfall and you have to pay like 5 rupees as fee to enter inside the park. They built a lot of ladders over the waterfall! You have no idea what it looks like and when they did there. You can go to top of the waterfall the top by using the ladders! Though the main source of this waterfall is up in the mountain. The park was really beautiful. It was like a drawing some drawn and left it. Flowers, decorations & nature’s beauty. At 1.30 we came back to our hotel. We will leave for Kolkata tomorrow but there are many places left to visit. So we called our car driver guy who was very friendly at the time of whole sightseeing. To be honest when we asked him how much time we have to finish this places he said i won’t tell you that you can take your time! Which is a rare thing in a tourist attraction like that. So we wanted to go to Kalimpong, Mirik . So we decided that we will get up early in the morning tomorrow and pack our bags and on the way we will see Kalimpong. We didn’t saw Mirik lake cause it’s completely opposite to the road we will be going and we need more time so today we did some shopping for us from the Best Buy & near shops.

Rock Garden

11th October(Day 5): It’s 7’0 clock here. We are off to Kalimpong. The driver didn’t came he sent someone else. So the last day at Darjeeling started. We were crossing a Sight seeing place called Batasia Loop Darjeeling we asked him to stop there so we can do a quick seeing of that. He stopped there and as we didn’t had our breakfast he even asked us to finish it there in a hotel cause we won’t find any better where we are going. If you are taking a toy train joy ride from Darjeeling, you will pass by this magnificent loop. Otherwise, take a cab from Darjeeling town and visit the Batasia Loop. It’s located on Hill Cart Road . There is no better place to get a 360 degree view of Darjeeling’s landscape including the hill town and the snow covered peaks of the Eastern Himalayas with the majestic Kanchenjunga on one side. And all this from the middle of a lovely garden with flowers around which the toy train track is laid.

Triveni Darjeeling

Then we were off to Kalimpong and on the way there is a place called Triveni from Peshoke View Point where two rivers meet with each other. There is a story of these two rivers  told by our driver that Teesta and Rangeet, the two major rivers in Sikkim, emanate from Himalayan glaciers. While Teesta resembles a young woman from the highlands — her sparkling water follows a straight path, traversing through lovely valleys and deep forests, the Rangeet meanders. Why do the two rivers take different paths from the Himalayas and why do they look different before they finally meet in the plains of Bengal and flow together for eternity. But after doing some research what i found is different. You can check the embedded post below or go here :

and :


Posted by – Darjeeling News on Thursday, August 28, 2014

After that we were driving beside the Tista river. The road is a little bumpy there but don’t worry the rest is good. So like after 30 minutes we reached Kalimpong. I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t enter there. But here are some photos taken by Habib vai.


You can do Paragliding in there for only 2500 rupees for 20 minutes. Don’t worry there will be a guide with you and don’t miss that cause it’s once in a lifetime opportunity.We also saw Buddha statue & park , Deolo, Mangal Dham, Dr Graham’s Homes . 


So from there we headed to New Jalpaiguri. From there it took around 2 hours to reach New Jalpaiguri. Then we had our lunch and all and at 8.45 we got in our train.

New Jalpaiguri Train Station

In the morning we reached Kolkata and I did some shopping. Then habib vai booked a hotel for them they will stay another day and will come back by Plane but as there wasn’t any air ticket for that day and I didn’t want to stay in Kolkata so I got on a Bus at 11.30 AM and left for Bangladesh.  I reached Dhaka at 3.45 AM. Then i stayed in Dhaka that day as i was too tired to come back to Chittagong.


That concludes my journey of India – Darjeeling – Kalimpong . It was a journey i will always remember. It was my first solo travel as i didn’t even knew the people i was going  there with. I made up my mind within just one day that i will be coming to India and i actually did. So if you want to travel some place don’t stop cause no one is going with you or you are scared to go alone. Travel to explore the places. See the beauties of nature. What is the worst that can happen? It will take you more time to reach there, you will get lost few times or maybe you will be sick? but think what you will miss if you don’t go. you don’t know what will happen in life the next moment. So Enjoy the life! This is it for today and I hope I will be back again with another travel story of mine. I am thinking of Going to Bhutan, Nepal & Maldives. I don’t know when i will be able to but be sure if i go there i will write up about them.

Note: There are more photos of this tour in the Facebook Album if you want to see go here : Darjeeling Tour Photo Album


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India Tour: Off to India Part One

So you already know I got my Indian visa few months back and I was planning to go there.  Finally just few days before my visa expires I went to India as a solo traveler. I love to travel and explore places. I have been travelling a lot lately, but I never gone solo before. In all other time, my friends were with me. This time, I was waiting for Rikon vai to get his visa so we can go together but he didn’t get the visa due to some passport related problem. So I was preparing myself to go alone. As much as I was excited to go to to a new county alone, I was scared as hell!  Cause I was going to India! Which is one of the biggest country and I never been to a foreign country before. So I had a lot of thoughts how to communicate with the people there,  things I should avoid and so on.  I know that their language is Hindi and I will be in Kolkata who speaks Bengali just like us with just a little different pronunciation. I couldn’t take many pictures on the way as I had heavy bags with me. But i didn’t miss any chance of taking pictures when i reached Darjeeling even when i couldn’t focus due to low light and heavy clouds. So if this post doesn’t have much pictures then be sure you will be flooded with pictures in the next one.


I only had two days in hand before leaving for Kolkata via Haridaspur immigration point aka Benapole Border( called Petrapole by Indian People). So I did my research on Kolkata & Darjeeling also on immigration process, things I will be needing to go to Kolkata,  I read a lot of blogs on travelling to India, which train I need to get on, As I will go to Darjeeling so how to go there and which places are must to visit for sight seeing!  I also tried to book a hotel there via MakeMyTrip app suggested by Adnan vai but as I couldn’t decide which one will be better so didn’t. I also downloaded some other apps Like GrabTaxiCheapFlights and Oye. So I was well prepared for my visit to India.

7th October (Day 1): The day before my journey to India. I packed my bags. As my backpack was with Onick vaia I had to pack my clothes the other bag of mine. Which is not good for travelling. Things I packed for travelling – clothes, books for reading in bus & train,  Jacket as I will be in Darjeeling where the temperature goes down below 10 degree Celsius which is really cold for people like us from high-temperature countries, torch, archived few TV series in my Cell,  Camera & a Notepad. Later at night I don’t know why I posted a question seeking help in a Group called Travelers of Bangladesh to check if anyone is going to India same time so I can hook up with them. Maybe I wasn’t ready for going to India alone! So one guy named Jawad bhai mentioned Habib Bhai who was also going on the same time and Habib Bhai said I can hook up if I want to. I wasn’t sure about them as I don’t know him.So what I did was I checked his facebook profile to find out few things about him. But there wasn’t much in his profile and ammu was saying not to go with them.I was lying that I know him, I met him before but in reality I never seen him. I talked with him over the phone asking for advice what else I need, how much money I should take and all. After talking with him, it felt like he is a good guy so I asked him to buy a ticket for me & he said he will. So I will be leaving for Dhaka tomorrow.

8th October (Day 2): I got up early in the morning, I came to the bus counter and bought my ticket for Dhaka. It was TR Travels. The bus started at 10 AM. It was raining heavily and I was enjoying my journey. It was a nice feeling. It took me almost 7 hours to get to Dhaka and I was really tired when I reached Dhaka at 6 PM. I wasn’t feeling good. I bought $200 for my expenses in India. I also had around 7K BDT cash with me. I called Habib vaia a few times to check whether he got the ticket or not but he didn’t pick up. So I was confused what to do. I thought if he doesn’t pick up the call I will sleep tonight and I will fly by plane tomorrow morning which takes around $80 and only 1 hours to reach Kolkata. Where by bus It will take around 12 hours.  I also found a very good deal on MakeMyTrip which was a combo offer for Flight & Hotel booking. The offer was Round Trip + 2 days stay at a 3-star hotel in Kolkata for around $180. But all in vain Habib Bhai called at 9.30 and said he got the ticket and the bus will leave at 10.45 PM. So I did my dinner. My mom was worried about me going with someone unknown and asked me to leave my camera here (it’s been only 1 month I bought this new camera canon 600D) in Dhaka. As always I refused by saying nothing will happen don’t worry.  I left for bus station at 10 and it was 15 minutes away from my aunt’s place. I reached there first and was waiting for Habib vai and his friends.  After 10 minutes they came and we got to know each other. Att first meeting Habib vai seemed very nice and fun loving guy. His friends Faruq vai & Hasan vai is also a good guy and this tour would have been incomplete if Faruque vai wasn’t there. So our bus was 15 minutes late and it left for Benapole border at 11 PM.

9th October(Day 3): Our bus got stuck in Ferry. There was huge jam and we had to wait 2 hours to get into a ferry. So We reached at benapole at 8.10. We were already 2 hours late. The immigration process is another nightmare. To be honest, it’s so easy a child can do it but the people, Bookies, Coolies they make it look like hell. You better go through hell but not the immigration process. But In this blog I will share every detail you need to know for the immigration process!

Immigration Process: First you need to fill up a card they will give you. Which is easy just a few basic things like Your name, father’s name, birth date, visa no: which can be found in your visa, departure date, passport no, passport expire and issue date etc. Then you need to pay the travel tax which is 500tk BDT and one-time payment.


You can it in any bank near you or in the border where you will find a small office or room with Sonali bank or other banks name on it. After you paid the tax they will give you another receipt which you need to show along with your passport to immigration staff inside. After you do that they will seal your passport and the immigration part of Bangladesh is done. Now you will go to the Indian immigration where first you have to get in line and the Coolies will ask you for money to get you in front but believe me, it’s better you go in line. Cause everyone is waiting like you. It’s selfish to do something like that always try to follow the rules. So you will go inside the immigration office and again they will check your baggage and then again you have to fill up another card like the one you filled in for Bangladeshi immigration but this one for Indian immigration another office you. They will check your passport and visa and take a picture of you. After you do that you are ready to enter into India! What do you think? It’s really easy? It’s tough? Actually it’s easy but as I said the people around you will make it look like hell. Anyway just don’t bribe anyone to get this quickly done. Do this by your own and you will be beneficial. You will see 2 types of coolies there one who are wearing red and another who are wearing green shirts. I was thinking may be some of them are Bangladeshi and the other ones are Indians. Based on the shirts as the national flag of Bangladesh is green and red I thought may be the green ones are Bangladeshi. Actually the thing is they are Trinomul & Congress supporters and yeah some of the Bangladeshi ones do wear green. So we are off to India. It’s 10.45 so it took us around 2.30 hours to complete the process.

After crossing the immigration, Habib bhai asked us to convert our dollar into rupees from the money exchange booths situated just outside the immigration office. Habib bhai converted 200 dollars to rupees. Then we booked a taxi to go to Bonga station to get on the train to Kolkata. You can go directly from Dhaka to Kolkata by bus. GreenLine, Shohag & some other bus are providing this service they will get you into a bus from Dhaka to Benapole and then after crossing the border you will get into another bus of their waiting in the Indian side. But the thing is it takes more time and the bus leaves after all the people who came by one bus crosses the immigration. So if you want to take the shortcut and save your time follow the way we are going. So it took around 30 minutes to reach the station and in the meantime we made calls to our home and let them know we crossed the immigration. You will get Bangladeshi sim working inside India for 2 Kilometers from the border so you better do this quick.

After reaching the train station Habib vai  booked 4 tickets for us and the train will leave at 11.30 sharp. So we didn’t have any time to do our breakfast yet the last time we ate was yesterday at dinner. I was really hungry but there was no time to eat. So we got in the train and it was a local train which was stopping on every station. After two crossing two stations, the train became very crowded with people and it was really hot inside. I wasn’t feeling well and dizzy as well. So after crossing 6-7 stations Habib vai got down and brought some foods & drinks for us. It’s really amazing what I saw in the train. The people were sitting side by side even when it’s really tough to move an inch. They were sweating but no complains. The ladies and guys were sitting side by side which is not possible in our country. I saw some Feriwalas selling goods like Chips, Chocolates, Apples, Nuts, Lassi & lot other stuff which I don’t even know. I was thinking how they can live by selling these things cause only a few people were buying those. Habib bhai was talking with local people about what is the easiest and best way to go to Darjeeling and all. So after 2 hours 45 minutes of journey we reached Kolkata Shealdah Junction. Which is very big and crowded. Everyone was running for their desired train. So after reaching Kolkata we tried to book a cab and go to a place called Fairly palace. Where you can book train tickets in foreign quota if you are a foreigner travelling to India. But we didn’t get any taxi cab instead we got on a AC bus. Which was jam packed with people and we had to stand inside and sweating even when the ac was running. After going few blocks, the ac wasn’t working anymore due to some technical problem. So it got more frustrating for me as I had to adjust with my bags in one hand and people pushing from behind to get in front. I was really mad at Habib bhai for not taking taxi cab but what to do now! One thing I noticed inside the bus that people were adjusting with one another if there’s any room or space available they were letting other use it which is a very rare scenario in our country. Also when the ac got switched off they didn’t say too many things. The bus driver and conductor was polite as well. He took half money from the passengers as the ac was not working. The bus driver was also worried about the Black smoke coming out from the bus. He talked to the mechanic asking should he bring the bus into the garage. So they are really worried about the environment. I felt really good seeing this. So it took us around 50 minutes to get to Fairly Palace and 60 rupees for 4 people and then another 30-40 minutes to get the tickets from there. It’s easy they will give you a paper where you have to put certain information’s like your name, birth date, journey date, which train you want, passport details etc. There were other foreigners as well.  So we got the ticket from there. The price was 375 rupees per person. The train will leave at 10.45 and it’s called Super Fast Darjeeling Mail. After seeing the name I had no idea why is it called super fast and I was like how fast can a train go. So then we got to a Bengali hotel called hotel Khalek. We were so hungry we ate like monsters. We bought 3 sim cards for us so we can talk to our home. I also bought a net package so I can use facebook and all. As I can’t live without internet :3 . So after finishing this we gone to a place called Goal Chootor in new market. This place was awesome :p I saw the actual form of kolkata there nice girls, peoples, couples hanging out. The hole day I was thinking where is all the nice girls and now I found them 😀 The thing that got my attention was the attitude. There were many girls and guys hanging out they weren’t even looking at each other. They were busy within themselves. I forgot to tell you we had tea and the cups were so small that I had to drink twice! As I am a tea guy and I drink a hole big glass of tea everyday. The price was higher than Bangladesh too. 10 rupees per cup. So we left from there and reached Sealdah again at 9 PM. We got on our train. And in the other compartment there were 3 more foreigners. So the actual Journey to Darjeeling Started from here.

This is it for this blog. I don’t want to make it too big. So I will write the second part of this blog till then enjoy!