How to apply for a Indian Transit Visa from Bangladesh

Transit! A word that is somewhat not loved by the travelers around the world. What if we didn’t need any Visa to get into a country. A World without borders! Is it possible ? Are we capable of readily shedding our borders to work together as one real society? We can just hope for that. I have been busy and couldn’t write on the blog but i am back now. I will be going to Bhutan on 18th of this month. As this is a budget tour I had to look for all possible options where i could save money.  The first big one that came up was by not Flying and instead going by road. As there is no direct access to Bhutan from Bangladesh, I needed a transit visa of India. Which is a kind of a pain in the ass. I applied from Chittagong and there weren’t any details how to apply for a transit visa. But now as i already applied for the visa and got the visa today I thought of writing in detail how to apply for an Indian transit visa.

Here is Step By Step Process:

First, you need to fill up the online application form and get the document printed.

Link :

When apply online be careful not to put wrong inputs. Most of the information you need are in your passport.


Expected Date of Arrival – the transit visa takes around 1 week to process so give your expected arrival date 10 days later from your application/submission date but not too much difference. Select the Indian Mission in which you want to submit the document. I prefer you select Dhaka as they have better facilities and give more transit visa than others. I applied from Chittagong and i had to stay there 2 complete days just to submit the documents. There is no actual line for transit visa you have to get in the same line as Business Visa. They don’t have much problem letting the business visa submit but they don’t even let you drop when it’s your turn.


You just have to wait there not sure whether you will be permitted to submit the documents for visa. We were actually 2 persons who got Indian Transit visa within those 2 days and i was actually thinking of leaving as it’s been almost 4 hours i was waiting for my turn before i got the call from their officer to go inside.


Anyway back at it. When filling the form there might be some confusion what to input in some steps. In the section of Visible identification marks write None. If you have national id card enter your national id card no or you can just input the personal no from your passport. Educational qualification will be Higher Secondary if you completed your HSC or Studying after completing HSC. There are a lot of options choose the one according. City of Birth , Nationality , Religion , Passport Number , Place of Issue , Date of Issue , Date of Expiry can be found in your passport. For a place of issue, it’s Dhaka for all the passport but still check to be sure.  For nationality select how did you got your nationality by birth or by naturalization. It means either you father lived in another country he married your mom who is from here or the opposite and you acquired the nationality.


Make sure you keep the temporary application id saved. It will help you to change the details later if necessary.

For Any other valid Passport/Identity Certificate(IC) held section input if you have any other valid passport of another country.

Are/were you in a Military/Semi-Military/Police/Security. Organization? If you are then select yes and input the details.


Employer Name/business put your employer’s name or company if are doing a job.

Past Occupation – Select what you used to do before.

Previous Nationality: for your father and mothers details even this is optional you have to select it like I did in the screenshot.

Mobile No. : Don’t enter the first 0 when entering your mobile no.

Postal/Zip Code: if you don’t know your postal code find it from here.
Duration of Visa (in Months) : Even though it says in months please enter it in days like 30 days or so. Cause when we print this it changes from months to days so if you put 1 month it becomes 1 day. 
Travelling to another Country after India? Click the box and write the name of your country. : here you need to enter the country name where you want to go for example i will go to Bhutan so i entered Bhutan

Port of Arrival in India : Select this as your want it. For travelling to Bhutan you should choose : By Road Changrabandha / Jaygaon. Which is actually the Burimari Border of our.

Port of Exit from India: Select this as your want it. For traveling to Bhutan you should choose: By Road Changrabandha / Jaygaon.

The purpose of Visit: Enter it as you want to like for business enter business I am going for traveling so I entered tourism.

No. of Entries : Select this double for Bhutan as you have to enter twice in India , If you have to enter thrice select Triple. (Say you will go to Bhutan and again back from bhutan and again to nepal then you need triple)

Have you ever visited India before? : If yes enter the details if not just select No.

Last Indian Visa No/Currently valid Indian Visa No. : If you already have a tourist or medial or any other visa of India enter the details of that one. The Visa no should be like VJ or VK00112 something like that.
Reference Name in India : Enter the details of someone you know in India . If you don’t know anyone use the below one :
Mr. Firoz Khan
Hotel Garib Nawaz
9, Chowringhee Lane,
Phone : +91 22175452
Reference Name in Bangladesh : Enter details of someone close to your , your parents or family members details.
Image Upload: Upload one of your recent images.

Photo Specifications

  • Format – JPEG
  • Size – Minimum 10 KB, Maximum 1 MB
  • The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels (height).
  • Recent front-facing photograph with a white background to be uploaded by the applicant.

Now enter a hotel name where you might stay if you get the visa. Just google for a hotel in your preferred location. Enter the details of that hotel. You can use or Booking.Com to book a hotel without any headache. Also to get the hotel information from there.


Now This is the final step : Check if all the details you just entered are correct if not modify and change it . After it’s done go to the next step and save the Permanent Application number.


After that we are finished applying you just have to print the form. For transit visa you don’t need appointment date.  Download the form now , print it and attach 1 of your recent passport size photo 2 by 2 size .  Remember, You don’t need e-token for transit visa . Sign below the photo and at the bottom of next page as you signed in your passport .


Now just go to the Gulshan Indian Ambassy branch if you selected Dhaka Indian Mission next day to submit the form. If you selected IVAC Chittagong then go the Chittagong branch or others.

Ok to the next and most important step.

What supporting documents you need when applying for a transit visa.

  1. 2 Passport size photo of yours (2 by 2 size) white background.
  2. Minimum of 150 Dollar endorsement receipt or Bank statement of your account or your parents. It’s better and easy to get the endorsement – Just outside any of the Indian mission embassy you can it done by some brokers for 400-500 tk ($200 dollar endorsement) . If you want to do it yourself you have to go to Bank preferably zonal head office and pay the required amount of exchange money and get the endorsement slip. Say for 200 dollar you have to pay BDT 16,000+ and they will give you 200 Dollar note and the slip.
  3. For double entry transit visa you have to show the main copy and photocopy of your Bus Ticket both Leaving and Return Ticket. If you are applying for Bhutan transit visa you can get it from SR SHYAMOLI . From Kollanpur to Shiliguri , Ticket Price : 1500 BDT (AC) . – Contact number : 01716478951 / 01945709907
  4. Photocopy of Your Birth Certificate or National ID card. If possible Both.
  5. Main Copy and Photocopy of Utility Bill (Current Bill, Gas Bill, WASA Bill) – You can get it from your Landlord/homeowner as well.
  6. Photocopy of your passport from Page 1 to The last used visa page of yours.
  7. Photocopy of your reference or parents national id card & business/visiting card.
  8. If you applied as a student – Your Student ID Card Photocopy.
  9. If you applied as a Job holderNOC (No objection certificate) copy from your office – in your office pad preferably.
  10. If you applied as business – Main Copy & Photocopy of your Trade Licence,  Main copy & photocopy of your Visiting Card / Business card,
  11. Check if your passport has a minimum validity of 7 months.
  12. If you have an old passport please attach and submit that as well with your current passport.
  13. The printed copy of your online form.
  14. For bhutan they asked for a hotel reservation confirmation so if you don’t have one already –  (I applied in the chittagong branch where they asked for it , But when my friend applied in Dhaka they didn’t ask for it)

For Hotel Reservation Go to :


  • Enter your Check-in and Check-out date.
  • Select the reason for traveling.
  • Select how many rooms you need , How many persons adult and children. Then click Search

Now you will see a lot of hotel names and their prices. The price showing is per day price . Select one you might want to stay in.


So to next page just scroll down a little and you will find the booking option like below image. Select you room no, room type and other details. There you will find a column name Conditions – check for 

  • SEMI-FLEXIBLE, pay when you stay No credit card required to reserve


So after choosing that click reserve now. And to next page, you will be asked to register on the site. Enter your name as passport, and email address correctly .



Now you will be asked to enter your mastercard or visa card details (no security number needed), Don’t worry you won’t be charged if you don’t stay. (Note : In some hotel they will give you a date before which cancellation is free but after that date you will be charged a amount.) So don’t just reserve look for the details.  After a successful reservation they will email you the reservation confirmation. Print that and submit along with your other documents.

Now if you don’t have a mastercard or visa card , got to :  , Select your destination and hotel , price and then from the contact page contact them using the mail and ask them to send you a reservation mail. After they send you print it and submit. 





That’s all for now. I hope you get the process of applying a transit visa. The screenshots are for Bhutan Transit visa – so you just have to change few of the details when applying for other country. Most of them will remain same. I will be back with the travel blog of Bhutan after completing my journey. Please keep me in your prayers. Till then take care and good bye.