How to apply for a Thailand Visa Online from Bangladesh [Step By Step]

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since i posted anything. I was fucking busy with my life so didn’t have time to write. But i am back now and will be travelling to Thailand if i get the Visa. If you are from first world country you don’t actually need a visa they offer it on arrival for most of the countries but as a third world country, it’s tough to get visa of other countries. If you don’t know how to apply for a visa then there are a lot of travel agency who will make you feel alien. First, they will make you feel afraid saying it’s tough, you won’t get a visa. You don’t have the necessary documents and bullshit. Then they will say we can get you the visa but it will cost you a lot more. So don’t fall for those agencies, there are a lot of good agency who will help you and treat you like a friend and help you every way possible. But i wanted to apply by myself cause i don’t like to go to an agency and be blind to what they are doing and mostly don’t want to give my passport and other documents to them.


Now as you know i am a travel freak can’t live without travelling. This time, i am going to Thailand – the land of everything. There’s a saying that “if you can not find it in Thailand then you will not find it anywhere” . My actual plan was fly to Malaysia first then stay there for 7-9 days and explore everything . Then fly to Thailand and explore the beaches and sights. Then from there go to Cambodia by bus and stay 3 days and explore as many sightseeing as possible. But as i said it’s hard to get a visa if you are from a third world country. So first i went to a travel agency because there is no way to submit your passport for visa to the Malaysian Embassy without listed agencies. They rejected my passport saying you won’t get a visa with this passport as i have never Malaysia or Thailand or any Europe countries. I only went to Darjeeling last year which you already know. Here is my Darjeeling travel blogs if you want to read :


So my plan of travelling to Malaysia is gone. So, i asked about Thailand the agency owner said yeah it’s possible but we can not ensure you will get the visa. i came back and did some research on the internet and found that VFS Global accepts the visa and does the processing for Thailand. They also have an office in my City Chittagong. So, i did more research and found out that i can fill up the form online or offline and submit it along with the necessary documents for processing the visa.

Either you can just print the form and fill it up by hand or you can just input the details online and print it then. Though they say, you can apply for the visa online which is basically offline:3


So here is the detailed process of applying for the Thailand visa by yourself and get relieved from the hassle of Travel Agency.


  1. So go to this link first: Click as the image shows to fill your form online. download (4)
  2. Now it will take you to the main page where you will have to input details about yourselfdownload (5)
  3. Here the first one Application Centre, If you are from Dhaka then choose Dhaka, or If you are from Chittagong then choose Chittagong and If you are from Sylhet choose Sylhet. Basically the vfs global have three offices in Bangladesh. So if you are from these cities you can submit in your own city which will all be processed in the main office of Dhaka. Now if you are from other cities you can submit in Dhaka. Now input the details as you have in your passport. Everything that is needed here to fill out the boxes can be found in the passport.
  4. Type of Travel Document: Put Passport in the box. Passport number, issued place, date of issue and expiry date everything is in your passport just take a closer look. Issued at Place is confusing – that is the issuing authority which can be found in the passport in my one it’s DIP / Dhaka. After putting the details in the box click next. 

download (6)

5. Now to the next page.

download (7)

6. Choose the visa category if want a tourist visa select tourist visa. Or you can also choose Transit visa if you need transit.

And for the No of Entry requested select single entry. The vfs global staff said they aren’t giving double entry at this moment.

7. Occupation this is a little tricky . Put your present work position here like i entered IT – Internet Marketer and Name of your employer where you work. If you are a student then put student in the present position and enter your university, college, school name in the Name of your employer.

8. The Permanent address as it is in your passport and enter the present address if it’s different from the permanent. Make sure you enter a valid present address so if they need they can reach to you.

download (8)

9. Now Click next to move on to the next page.

download (9)

10. Here first comes minor name what means if anyone underage is going with you.  A person under the age of majority or another age restriction. So if anyone is going put in the details if not then just write Not Available .

11. Now enter when you are going to visit Thailand, You don’t have to put exact date just put a date when you might go.

12. Travelling by – Here put the name of the company which you will be using to fly if you are from Bangladesh then put Regent Airways or if you want to travel via other airways put their name. They offer advance booking of flight without paying the money . They give you 3 days time to pay the money (Don’t worry you don’t have to pay just book a ticket you can always change your flight or book again after getting the visa) .  You can also use Thai Airways ( ) and Jet Airways ( ) to book advance ticket without paying.

13. The Flight No or Vessel no will be given to you after booking so enter that .

14. Duration of proposed stay : Enter how many days you will stay there. (e.g, 10 days)

14. Countries for which travel document is valid : Write ALL COUNTRIES EXCEPT ISRAEL

15. Purpose of visit: Write why you want to go tourism , transit , business or other.

16. Proposed Address 1 in Thailand( Specify Hotel Name): Don’t worry just enter a hotel name , there are many hotels around Bankok where you can stay so find one in google and put the details from there.

download (11)


Also, you can book a hotel online using Agoda ( ).

download (12)

Here 10400 is the postal code. Bangkok is the city.  Again you don’t have to pay to book. Find one hotel that offers free cancellation means you don’t have to pay if you change a hotel or any other reason.

download (10)


17. Name of Local Guarantor: Here put in the details of your local guardian or relation who is very close to you. So if something bad happens they can contact him. And this needs to be someone who is not traveling with you. You father, mother or brother will be ok.

18. Name of Thai Guarantor: If you know someone in Thailand than you can put in their details here but before you put his/her details ask her. If you don’t have anyone don’t worry just put Not available write the date and click submit.

You have successfully completed filling your visa application for Thailand.

Now download the pdf from there and print it with the Barcode page.

Now you have submitted the Printer form along with some other documents.

You can download the checklist from here:

It’s given in detail what you need.


18. Go to your Bank and take a total of 7 months bank statement. It’s actually 6 months of bank statement.  Make sure you have a minimum bank balance over 60 thousand takas when getting the bank statement it’s better if you have more . I suggest minimum of 1 lac. If you don’t have your own bank account and you will be using your parents or sponsors account then get their bank statement. If within this 6 or 7 month you don’t have any transaction in a particular month you have fill a disclaimer form which will be provided in the VFS global office just talk to them about it.

The Disclaimer form can found here:

19. Also, ask them for a Bank solvency document with bank balance. Make sure they print it on their pad with the logo on it. Sponsors or Parents Solvency for student or anyone who don’t have a bank account.

20. Get a NOC – No objection certificate from your Office in the official pad. If you are a student get a NOC from your university, and also your id card photocopy and an application signed by the university authority saying that you are a student in that university. 


21. Print a Visa Forwarding letter and sign it.


22. Photocopy the pages from 1 to 6 of your passport in A4 Size.

23. Take the printout confirmation of your Air Ticket Booking which should be sent to you in your email or you have can take a screenshot from the confirmation page. Make sure you book the return ticket as well. It should be same as you put in the main visa application.

download (13)

24. Print the Hotel Booking Confirmation sent to your email. It should be same as you put in the main visa application. (Not necessary but if you have it’s good. )

25. Two passport sized photographs (3.4 by 4.5 cm) sized printed in the lab print glossy paper. Not in the printer or locally. Ask where you take your photos to get it lab print and also borderless an in white background. The photo should be taken within 6 months. 


If for some reason you have to modify or change certain details from the form then you can go to the below link and change.

You have to enter the reference no to change the details which were given to you on the 2nd page. Or you can find it in the pdf that you downloaded. The name of the pdf is your reference no. Also, you have to download the form again with the Barcode again and print it.

To take the printout go to the below link:

That’s all.  take all the documents with you and go to the VFS Global office. Application Submission: 08:30 – 11:00 (Sunday to Thursday)  Pay the fees 3450 taka BDT. They will check everything and start processing the visa application. The staffs of VFS are very gentle and they will help you every way so don’t hesitate to ask them anything.

download (14)


So after submitting the form keep your Mobile number and your local guardians mobile no ON. They will call you from the Royal Thai Embassy office and ask few questions about why are you going there , what is the purpose , where do you live , what do you do , where is your office , where do you study , What is the source of your income and bank balance etc. Don’t afraid just answer the questions. Make sure what you say is correct don’t try to lie or hide something. And let your local guardian know about the details before so he says the same as you when the officer calls.

You can check the status of your visa from here:


If you want to withdraw your application for the visa you can download the below form and submit.


I hope this helps, I uploaded some of my documents so you can get some idea what a NOC and forwarding letter should look like. I tried to be as brief as possible so you don’t get any problem filling out.

Will be back with more travel story from the Thailand till then Allah Hafez. Keep me in your prayers.